I’ve always gotten a kick out of Easter. It’s a great excuse to get all the pastels out and enjoy quality time with family to kick off Spring. Can you tell I refuse to take outfit photos in winter? My tolerance for the cold is negative a billion, so that shit doesn’t fly.

From Head to Toe // {Sunglasses: Target - Tank and Skirt: Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s - Cardigan: Forever 21 - Purse: Target - Chevron Rings: Forever 21 - Wedges: Guess}

Easter is me and Mike’s sort of anniversary - five years ago I had no where to go for Easter, so he invited me to his family’s as a friend. And the rest, as they say, is history! :) Happy Easter everyone!

Maybe I had been watching too much House of Cards, but suddenly I felt like the urge to have a proper vanity (Claire is always doing her makeup sitting down. Jealous). And even though I has just blogged about how much I enjoy clutter I suddenly wanted all my beauty products tucked away. 

I went to Ikea in search of a cheap desk that I could turn into my beauty station, only to be inspires by a really brilliant faux vanity idea that would only cost me $15. It’s amazing what a little shelf can do!

vanity makeup we heart beauty

I already had the black storage ottoman, and the white plastic drawers now house most of my once displayed beauty products. The plastic drawers are in desperate need of upgrading - I’ve had them ever since my college years!

vanity makeup we heart beauty

I positioned my new “vanity” in front of the window to allow natural light to help me see better. It’s amazing - I was applying my makeup in low lighting for so long not realizing how it affected the effort I put in to my face! 

vanity makeup we heart beauty

vanity makeup we heart beauty

vanity makeup we heart beauty

I love the fact that everything now has a little home, and that I’m clearing out the visual noise in my life.  I worked on this project in the beginning of February, when my job required me to be on my feet 100% of the time. I actually went to bed crying from the pain more than once. My feet and knees are big babies and I had to do everything I could to be sitting whenever freaking possible. I consider it a great job well done - not to mention it’s my first “DIY” project! And for only $15? You can’t beat it.

My roomie and I have decided that we love our bodies too much to keep being jerks about our health. He joined a gym today, and my job is obviously fitness related, so our goal is to eat better and get fit. We’ll be Blogging our Progress (aka Blog Our Prog bc I love abrevs) here on WHB since hearting beauty also goes for hearting beautiful bodies :). Here’s my action plan for the next three months:

1. I joined Weight Watchers. Yeah, I’m that guy. I put the money down for it already, so here I am tracking points and shit. I love food, but I need to be more realistic about what I eat.

2. We’re joining a CSA/Farm Share. It requires a 6 month commitment, this way there will be no excuse for not having time or access to fresh, healthy food. 

3. I’ve set up my fitness class schedule to be pretty freaking intense:

  • Mondays: Pilates at 7, Candle Yoga at 8
  • Tuesdays: Zumba at 12:30 or Pilates at 7, Prana/Hatha Yoga at 8
  • Wednesdays: Yoga at 12:30, Zumba at 7
  • Thursdays: Pilates at 7
  • Sundays: Zumba at 11, Pilates as 12

I always go through these phases where I’m sick of how I look and I want to make a change, but they usually don’t last. This time I put down some real money and I am pretty damn serious. I’ve seen the physical transformations of those around me, and how healthy many of my friends have now become. So really we’re just joining the trend!