Ugh, I love my family. I really really do. To say I had a blast with them during our first big family trip to Disney is a severe understatement. As summer seems to be ending I can’t help but look back on that amazing vacation! Disney, you were the best, and you get bet your bottom dollar that we will be back soon!



Most days I’m all about them pointy pumps and pink bows, but to be honest my body type just doesn’t do well with the ultra feminine girly girl looks. I’m always drawn to pieces that drape or flow, so while it’s not my inherent style it has been fun getting to explore my hispter side: complete with fringe, maxi skirts, flower crowns, and graffiti walls. Some weeks you just have to give up and be that girl. 

From Head to Toe // {Sunglasses: Vintage - Necklace: Primmadonna - Fringe Black Top: F21 - Maxi Skirt: Madewell - Purse: Marshall’s - Sandals: F21 - Bracelets: Alex + Ani and Urban Outfitters}

Oh yeah, and there’s THIS GUY:

Man, sorry if I’m annoying but letsbereal: being engaged is awesome and I only plan on doing it once in my life, so don’t mind me if I am overly excited about it! Yes, still!

"Greenpoint is like Williamsburg for adults"

My fiance (soooo weird saying that!) and I have been really enjoying the past couple of weeks exploring new neighborhoods and just getting out of our usual spots. We love being regulars, but it’s also really fun to go out and about when the weather is this nice. We ventured into Greenpoint for some vintage shopping, brunch, and lounging in the park last weekend. I put on my best hipster girl outfit and away we went.

From Head to Toe // {Sunglasses: Vintage - Tank: Forever 21 - Necklace: Beacon’s Closet - Maxi Skirt: F21 - Pink Sandals: Payless - Purse: Dooney & Bourke}

I couldn’t go full hipster - had to add the hot pink sandals because duh. Please allow me to draw your attention to the fact that they are from the children’s section from Payless. Yes, seriously, homegirl has the smallest feet. Ever.

Also… I don’t think my legs are this pasty white in real life, so let’s blame it on the sun, shall we?

The past few weeks have had me on Cloud 9. It’s amazing how much can change in just one year. I still can’t believe that we are engaged, and that the man of my dreams loves me enough to want to spend the rest of his friggin life with me! We’re in the very beginning of the wedding planning stages - I’ve selected my Bridesmaids and we have our hearts set on a month and a venue - but so far we are just enjoying being engaged. Diamonds are SO shiny guys! AMIRITE?!